I became an artist following a successful career as a local CEO of an International hi-tech company. I participated in several group exhibitions and my first solo show "Butterflies Over Tel-Aviv" took place in 2012 at the (late) Gal-On gallery in Tel-Aviv. I completed post graduate studies in Art at Hamidrasha School of Art in 2015.

My Art started with Photography, in which I explore truth and falsehood where my own persona is exposed both behind and in-front of the camera. I seek to create an alternate reality from "what was there", ask questions about it and, more importantly, have the viewer wonder about it.

In my Video art I show a "Normative" family person as he interacts with women in slightly "non politically correct" and intimate (yet banal) situations. In my video project, "According to Accepted Conventions" (2015, 39m Full HD), I meet younger women in their private rooms equipped with a stills camera and a video camera used to document the encounter. They are told that the rules and boundaries in the meeting will be determined in front of the camera. The situations that develop between us occur with the young women’s approval and they maintain the right to stop the encounter at any moment or veto the use of the material.

Art Education

  • 2000- on-going: Self study in the areas of Art Critique, Photography, Photographic Theory and Philosophy
  • 2007-2008: Photography and Advanced Photography at "Photo-Way" school of photography
  • 2008-2009: Personal photography mentoring by Dafna Ichilov
  • 2011: Musrara, Art & Photography, Post Graduate studies
  • 2013-2015 - Hamidrasha, Post Graduate studies in Art
Solo Exhibitions
  • March 2018: "Suite 511", Royal Beach Hotel, Curator Sharon Toval
  • July 2015: "According to Acceptable Conventions", Hamidrasha Gallery, Curator Sally Haftel Nave
  • June 2014: "Authorized Penetration", Hamidrasha Open Studio, Curator Sally Haftel Nave
  • June 2012: "Butterflies Over Tel Aviv", Galon Gallery, Tel Aviv, Curator Daniella Talmor

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • August 2010: "Low Sky" (as part of the "Collectivists"), Tel Aviv Artist House
  • December 2014: "Trapped", Curator Shirly Meshulam
  • December 2012: "Breathing Concrete", Curator Karmit Galili
  • March 2012: "Five", Musrara Advanced Studies Graduate Exhibition ("Photographs in Hotel Rooms")
  • November 2011: Photography Salon in Jaffa, Curator Daniella Talmor
  • April 2011: "Human Landscape", Artists House Tel Aviv, curator Daniella Talmor
  • April 2011: "Portrait of the Woman", Shoham, curator Rachel Ziv
  • January 2011: "it's only the beginning" (Web Exhibition), curator Dorit Pukach
  • December 2010 Finalist in “Celeste Prize, 2’nd Edition”, New York (3'rd Place)
  • October 2010: "Sleep Paralysis", curators Uri Garon & Noa Cecila Cohen
  • August 2010: "Action Time", Yearot Menashe 2010 Festival, curator Hila Sali
  • June 2010: "Distance Keeper", curators Rivka Kave, Dina Levy
  • May 2010: “Salon de Refuses”, curators Yael Ben-Shalom, Michal Rivlin
  • April, 2010: “Belongs/Does not belong”, curator Miri Krimolovsky
  • November, 2009: "Alfred & Co"
  • September, 2009: "Connections", Curator Ron Yeshua
  • September, 2009: "Boulevard Exhibition" by the city of Tel-Aviv, selected photograph
  • May 2009: "Group Exhibition", Curator Tamar Eloul
  • March, 2009: "Kibbutz Galuyot South", Curator Israel Rabinowitz
  • October, 2008: Web Exhibition for "Project-30"
  • October, 2008: "Artishowk 2: Genesis", Curator Tamar Moshinsky
  • September, 2008: Graduate Exhibition, Photo-Way school of photography, Tel-Aviv