As a man, my look at women cannot be disassociated from the long history of western Art and the heavily criticized “Male Gaze”. It is with open eyes that I tread in this cultural mine field, striving to see the uniqueness bellow the surface, to resist the cultural and social dictates about the photographed body, to tackle expected gender roles and, finally, to look inside.

I use the camera to enter women's most private and intimate spaces to create with them a “detached place” that has the explosive potential for the unexpected that will expose yet another reality in the resulting image. I don't attempt to discover the subjects “real self”. Rather, I want the viewer, even the savvy one, to believe, to forget and to give-in to the fantasy.
Hadar in Her Room, 2014Shira in Her Studio, Tel Aviv 2013Hadas at Home, Tel Aviv 2013Keren at Home, Jaffa 2012Annie Kahan at Home, 2012M at Home, Jaffa, July 2011Room (4), July 2011Karaoke in Beijing, June 2011Kitchen, 2011Gali at Home 2008, 2011S at home, Tel-Aviv, March 2011Black Coat, 2011Black Coat, 2007NA, October 2010A, Ramat Gan, August 2010TR, Tel Aviv, July 2010H&N at Home, Tel Aviv, January 2010L at Home, Tel Aviv, January 2010 (Green & Orange)T at Home, Tel Aviv, January 2010S at Home, Holon, December 2009L in Sudio, November 2009HairD in Studio, November 2009A in Studio, August 2009Room (3), May 2009D in Studio, March 2009PassagesHandsRoom (2), January 2009Room (1) December 2008You are watching meGali's ChoiceFriday GuestC in Studio, August 2008Foreign ObjectT in Studio, September 2008ExposureLight & Darkness